What is a ROLA Token?

The ROLA token resides on the Polygon Network. It is a utility token designed to facilitate transactions within the ROLA app such as predict-2-earn, staking and purchasing and maintaining NFT’s.

Address: 0xafac9BA8051a84E8617CaE2bea4E09F4292e37fb

The ROLA Token

The Reiterative Open Learning Algorithm (ROLA) is based on your expected market outcome. We reward you for your correct predictions if you guess right you will earn $ROLA tokens.

This is how the ROLA token creates a feedback loop where the community trains an AI that is in turn used by the community. ROLA is of the people by the people.

Powered By You

The token is one way in which we are furthering the education, discussion, adoption, and usage of digital assets. We’re here to build the largest digital asset-related community, and in doing so, incentivise predictions to power an AI that brings value back to you.


Your correct predictions will gain you ROLA tokens. Your predictions power the learning process for the ROLA AI.


Coming soon!

Token release

There is a one million soft cap for ROLA tokens.

The Polygon Network

By residing on the Polygon Network, you have a better experience thanks to its lower fees in transacting, swapping, and minting NFTs.

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