The Rola Mission

We’re here to make crypto social whilst giving you the latest insights.

We’re creating a rewarding and fun crypto community. Our algorithm generates market signals from data, improves with Rolarians’ input, and in turn generates enhanced information. It is truly a process of “being in it together” and we grow as a community.

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Trends, insights, NFT’s and so much more…

We aggregate market signals, sentiment analysis and data to give you daily signals. Understanding the latest insights has never been so simple. Dive into the latest signals, predictions, “predict to earn”, NFT’s and more - LFG!

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Behind ROLA

Dominic Li

Investor and Senior Advisor

With 30 years’ experience in finance, Dominic Li held c suite positions at top tier investment banks. He has a broad understanding of the fintech industry as an CISSP. Dominic has built an IT group and secured investment from a well-known listed company as well as advised on multiple fintech companies.

Michael Poon

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Poon has 20+ years’ experience in IT development and management. He has developed numerous innovative products, including a crypto app, trading system, payment products and data analytic software for top tier banks and financial institutions. He is also Chief architect of

Rosalind Lee

Chief Product Officer

Rosalind Lee has designed various products and solutions with top tier corporations from multiple industries, including blockchain, gaming, algo trading, payment, and card products. She is the creative product lead of, and is definitely a crypto and NFT degen.