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adopt a pet?

Users can mint ROLA pets in app with credit card or $MATIC. 10,000 of these cheeky cuties are hiding in their ROLA dens, a random number of them cry for human cuddles on random days. The ROLA Dragon Master will announce the sight of them on app.


The ROLA Pets’

As a ROLA pet master, Rolarians will soon be able to train, upgrade gears, accessories, items and level up their pets in a blockchain game environment built by the ROLA Dragon Masters.

Hold on… a drifting bottle with message coming from a time traveller just arrived, it reads: In the future, Rolarians can explore the Rolaverse open world by going in with the ROLA pet disguise.

ROLAGRAM: When NFT gets personal

ROLAGRAM is user-exclusive and is generated based on the user’s monthly activities, such as posts, comments, reactions and voting history. This means every NFT will be as unique as the user who receives them. You can get your ROLAGRAM in app with $ROLA tokens.

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