So You Want to
Become a Rolarian?

Join chat groups and interact with new friends all whilst getting the latest insights.

The ROLA Token

We are the new up-and-coming utility token that NEEDS to be in your Metamask wallet.

Rola Tutorials

Step 1

After entering into your MetaMask mobile app, tap “Ethereum Main Network” / any network that it is currently displaying

Step 2A (If you have no popular tab)

After selecting “custom networks”, please copy and paste the following information to their relevant boxes

Some versions of metamask may not have this “Popular tab”, then need need to select “Custom Networks” (refer to step 2A)

Step 2

After tapping, you should see a list of popular networks, select “Polygon Mainnet”

Network Name Polygon
New RPC url

Copy and paste any of the followings:
Choose any of the following: /

Chain ID 137
Currency Symbol MATIC
Block Explorer URL

Step 3

After selecting add Polygon, you should see this pop up, select “Switch to Network”

Step 3A

After that, you should see this pop up, select “Got it”